Independent product evaluation and recommendation

We offer a completely independent and honest software product evaluation. Unlike many vendors or suppliers who would get affiliate fees for ensuring a client picks a specific product, we proud ourselves for providing you with solid and decent advice about what steps you should take to make sure you pick the right product for your specific needs.

This means in most cases a  thorough technical evaluation of the various products, not just a snazzy PowerPoint presentation or a chat between two directors over a glass of Chardonnay.

It sounds harsh, but the reality is, software suppliers that are pushing a specific product will promise you heaven and earth and convince you their product will meet your every need. Once the deal is sealed, a lot of options seemingly to be available out-of-the box end up becoming expensive customisations.

Equally, in most cases you need to purchase a product before you and your technical team have had a chance to evaluate it against your specific scenario. We can advise you how to make sure you end up with software that suits your needs.